Teacher Grants

Prospect High School PTSA sets aside a portion of its annual budget to fund teacher requests or grants for purchase of classroom equipment or items needed to improve the educational environment for teachers and students. These funds help to supplement district and school-site funding.  These grants are for one-time funding annually. Additional funding for the same or similar requests need to be resubmitted for each calendar year. Requests are reviewed and voted on by PTSA board members, the school principal, and parents/students/teachers attending the executive meeting.

Teacher Grants Awarded 2020-21

For 2020-21, we opened the grant process early in the school year to help meet the needs of teachers who are working in a distance learning environment. We closed the grant window in early September and will re-open it again at a later date this academic year. The following items are what PTSA approved in the first round and have been reimbursed to the teachers.

  • Ms. Kim (world languages) – Zoom essential starter pack including microphone, camera, light
  • Ms. Van Horne (Math) – iPad
  • Ms. Faraon-Buhler (Science) – Printer ink cartridges, Subscription to ShowMe, an online platform to improve delivery of showing students how to solve problems with diagrams
  • Ms. Stewart (Special Ed) – iPad
  • Mrs. Mireles- Serna (World Languages) – subscription to the presentation platform Buncee
  • Ms. Hylbert (CASSY counselor) – materials for Art therapy kits
  • Mr. Prado (Social Science) – Wireless headset with microphone
  • Mr. Collier (Science) – Writing stylus to be used with laptop
  • Ms. Tung (World Languages) – Subscription to PearDeck and Quizlet


Teacher Grants Awarded 2019-20

We had a great response to our teacher grants this year. We budgeted $4000 for this and we got a total of 23 grant requests. PTSA ended up funding grants totaling $2223 and the rest of the grants were able to be funded by Donors Choose which was a source of funding that Mr. Pinza had access to this year. The items that PTSA approved and have been reimbursed to the teachers are:

  • Mr. Stevens (English) – literature books for his classroom
  • Mr. Alapont (Math) — supplies to work with the new dry-erase desks
  • Ms. Chu (Math) – supplementary activities from “Teacher pays teacher” website
  • Mr. Alayoubi (Science) –an aquarium to add to his classroom
  • Ms Kim (World Languages) – Apple USB drives
  • Mr. Liu (Math) – supplementary trig/geometry teaching tools
  • Mr. Rodriguez (Music) – repair supplies for guitars and amplification equipment for the bands to use during sporting events and rallies
  • Ms. Hylbert (Cassy counselor)- art supplies to be used for therapy
  • Ms. Ulrich (Visual Arts) – class subscription to Scholastic Art magazine
  • Ms Maxwell and Ms. Kehres (Special Ed) – taking students on a field trip to the CA Academy of Science, which has been postponed to next year

“Thank you and please convey my sincere gratitude to the full PTSA for being able to support teachers. The grant goes beyond just the monetary support. It’s yet another way for us to feel our work is worthy and trusted!” — Ms. Chu (math dept)