Volunteer Sign-up Page

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the school!  There are many opportunities from board positions, committee positions, or helping on events at the school.  If you are interested in volunteering we can find something for you.  We appreciate your help!

Here are the current volunteer opportunities: Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

The following upcoming events still need volunteers:
  • Decorating for the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 26th – make decorations and decorate for dance.  
  • Open House – At Open House we welcome all prospective students.  Tours are provided to parents and students.  

If you are interested in helping with these events please sign up on the Volunteer Sign up link posted above.  

Again, thank you for your help!  It is because of volunteers that we are able to support so many events at the school for our students.

For PTSA volunteer opportunities please contact Tina at:  volunteer@prospectptsa.org
For Panther Paws volunteer opportunities please contact Ralene at: ralenewazz@gmail.com