Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers who want to support our students, staff and administrators.

Communication Coordinator: Manage and send emails through MailChimp for PTSA, Create a monthly newsletter email, Assist with Moderating the PTSA Facebook page, and Update and Manage website. This position would work with our Executive VP.

Middle School Liaison – DCS and MMS – Attend both PHS and MMS board meeting to share information back/forth. Primary focus is to ensure that incoming 8th grade students and parents know about onsite events that they can attend.

We have a really fun and dedicated group of volunteers from the board this year that will remain on for next year.

We understand your time is valuable and appreciate any and all help.  If you only have a few hours that’s not a problem there is something for you.  Better yet recruit a friend or two and share the position.  More volunteers equal less work for all.  We are flexible and value your time.

If you are interested, have questions or know someone who would be a great fit please contact me at volunteer@prospectptsa.org.