We generally send a newsletter out at the beginning of the month.  To get on our mailing list go to our home page and enter your email address on the upper left. We will only use it for PTSA communication.  Below are PDFs of our newsletters, the links do not work in the pdf’s, but most of what is listed here is on our website.  We are looking for more help on our communication committee to further refine our newsletters. Let us know if you are interested!

Prospect PTSA August Newsletter – 2020


Prospect PTSA November/December Newsletter – 2018

Prospect PTSA August Newsletter – 2018

Prospect PTSA March Newsletter – 2018

Prospect PTSA September Newsletter – 2017

Prospect PTSA October Newsletter – 2017

Prospect PTSA November Newsletter – 2017

Prospect PTSA December Newsletter – 2017